How to Calculate your Belt Size

To work out your belt size, please make sure to take measurements as described below and don't just reference the size of your pants.

If purchasing for yourself, you can take the measurement by threading a measuring tape through the loop of your pants/bottoms to determine the size (as long as this corresponds to where most of your pants sit). The measurement should be taken wearing clothes as a belt is normally worn with clothes...

Alternatively, and in the case of purchasing a belt for somebody else, it is simplest to take measurements off an old belt you/they currently wear.

Go to the end of the buckle and take the measurement from just on the inside of this buckle end (to account for buckle hardware thickness differences).

Tape placed at end of belt just on inside of buckle to account for buckle thickness variation. Measurement shown in inches. Then measure to the hole you/they mostly wear it at. You'll be able to tell as the hole will be the most worn.

As an example, the wearer sits between a 36" and 37" (depending on where their pants sit). It would be safe in this instance to cut this belt to a 37" and then there is still room to move up and down. The measurement you get from your/their belt will then correlate to the measurement from the inside of the end of our buckle to the middle hole in our belt. Thus giving you some room to move if your pants sit higher, or lower, you wear more layers, or you gain or lose some weight over time. There are five holes in total on our belts.

A new belt cut to size. In this instance we have a 34" belt (see next image for close up).

Five holes in our belts. The measurement you give us will correspond to this middle hole. Note as a guide, your belt measurement in inches is usually a few sizes larger than your pant size, so be sure to take this accurately as belts made-to-order cannot be returned for an incorrect measurement.