Materials & Construction

We utilise a range of materials and construction techniques.

What leather do you use and where does it come from?

Kangaroo – We use vegetable tanned kangaroo leather for our smaller leather accessories like our wallets. The fibre structure of kangaroo is extremely strong, but the leather is quite fine. Commonly used in sporting footwear and fine leather accessories, kangaroo is known to have the best strength-to-weight ratio of any leather in the world. These unique qualities make it the perfect choice for accessories that need to be slim but robust.

Bovine – Bovine (or cow leather) is the most commonly available leather due to the production of Beef. It is a good general all-purpose leather for most applications in boot and bag production. We use locally farmed and tanned bovine leather in our bags and boots, it is double tanned, hand oiled and finished. The local tannery sources it's hides from Australian farmers and employs industry best practice from an environmental standpoint.

McKay Welt (Blake Rapid)

McKay Welt (also known as the Blake Rapid method) is the common name for a sole that is constructed with a blake stitched mid sole and a welt stitched outsole. It is a very durable construction and gives a similar finished appearance to a goodyear welted boot.

blake rapid construction

Why McKay Welt (Blake Rapid) construction and not Goodyear Welted?

We use the McKay Welt method for soling for a number of reasons:

  1. It is more durable: McKay welted boots employ a blake stitched midsole, which is stitched through the upper and insole creating a mechanical bond between all of the layers of the boot. Typically a Goodyear welted boot's welt strip is stitched to a fabric gemming which is only glued to the insole. This means that there is no mechanical attachment of the outsole to the insole, allowing for failure over time. The midsole on a McKay welted boot also acts like a shank cover, producing a boot with more torsional stability through the arch and midfoot, allowing for more support in this area. Goodyear welted boots are typically filled with cork in this area which will allow for movement and break down over time.

  2. It is more easily repaired: Over time a goodyear welted boot's gemming can detach from the insole (as it is glued, not stitched), which means that the outsole is actually what is holding the boot's components in shape. If the outsole is removed then a relasting of the upper may be required. With McKay welted boots and their full leather midsole, we are able to remove the outsole without compromising the structure of the boot, meaning that the outsole can be easily replaced.

  3. We are able to produce a blake stitched construction and the more robust blake rapid construction using the same techniques.